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Welcome to the Yoga Chameleon Community with its holistic website sharing knowledge about yoga, Pilates, dance, health & well being, mindfulness, and yoga & leisure wear.

Yoga Chameleon originated from the dreams and dedication of two Yoga Alliance Teachers who have both had their lives turned around for the better, through yoga practice and holistic yogic principles. Just like a Chameleon – Lesley & Bridget have changed their colour both inside and out and are leading much happier, healthier and very fulfilling lives, since living by their yogic principals

After many years of practicing yoga, we found the clothing ranges available just did not live up to expectations and so we began researching and working with other Yoga teachers around the world to find out exactly what people are looking for in comfortable and practical Yoga & Leisure wear. We have at last found the perfect combination of naturally and ethically sourced, top quality fabric that supports and enhances the feminine figure, that feels luxurious when worn against the skin.

Yoga Chameleon aims to supply Exceptional Quality yoga wear that embody yogic principles, while dealing with everyone in their manufacturing and business processes, including manufacturers, suppliers and customers alike.

Please take a look at our stunning range of Yoga and leisure wear on the shopping boutique pages and we are sure you will be 100% satisfied with the designs, quality and service. Yoga Chameleon aims to supply exceptional quality yoga wear that embody yogic principles in their manufacturing and business processes.

Come along and try a class and learn about what goes on under the skin.

Come and change your life for the better – forever.

Yoga Chameleon